Who We Are

Tsadra Foundation Staff

One of the resources the Foundation itself relies upon to support its various activities is its dedicated staff.

President  &  Founder

Eric Colombel

Vice  President  &  Director of Contemplative  Scholarships

Drupgyu Anthony Chapman

Director  of  Studies Scholarships

Elizabeth Callahan

Director  of  Research

Marcus Perman

Tibetan  Publications Program  Manager

Sean Price

Director of  Publications and  Art  Director

Rafael Ortet

Assistant  Director  of Research

Jeremi Plazas

Director  of  Administration

Christiane Buchet

Assistant  Director  of Digital  Publications

Migmar Lama



Research Department

The research department supports the work of Tsadra Foundation fellows and maintains a Research Center in Boulder Colorado. The personnel of our research department include the following staff and interns:

  Jérémi Plazas - Assistant Director of Research

  Aric Parker - Intern

  Sherab Wangmo - Intern

Digital Publications Department

The digital publications department is engaged in the development and publication of digital study tools and ebooks and includes the following staff:

  Migmar Lama - Assistant Director

  Nyima Choden - Product Coordinator

  Suman Rai - Technician and eBook Production

  Dawa Dolma  - Technician and eBook Production

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