Four Programs of Activity


Direct personal experience of the awakened state is the very essence of Buddhism. The natural expression of this awakening has given rise to Buddhism’s extraordinary wealth of accumulated learning, describing the depth and detail of the path.

For Buddhism to mature fully and surely in the west, we must pursue ever deeper levels of contemplative authenticity, and an ever broader mastery of philosophical knowledge.

In the interest of developing the best possible conditions for this to occur, Tsadra Foundation has established four program activity areas for its grant-giving:

     The Contemplation Program

     The Translation Program

     The Buddhist Higher Education Program

     The Publications Program

The Tsadra Foundation Activity Report is available here.




Sponsoring select individuals in long term retreat in North America and Europe. From 2000 through 2010 we offered grants to 3-year retreatants, as well as post-retreat practitioners in solitary retreats of a year or longer. In 2010 the contemplative grants were transformed into scholarships (see Advanced Contemplative Scholarships). We continue to offer contemplative fellowships to long-term meditators who have demonstrated extra-ordinary service to the community of practitioners.



Providing access to the wealth of Tibetan Buddhism’s accumulated learning by ensuring the publication of Foundation-supported translators’ works, Foundation-supported higher education textbooks, the Library of Tibetan Classics, and important collections of Tibetan texts in both Nepal and China.




 Funding selected Western study institutes  in Europe, North America, and Nepal, which respect traditional curriculums and are adapted to a Western audience. In addition, out of a deep gratitude toward the home of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, we have sponsored several monastic colleges (bshad grva) and retreat centers (sgrup grva) in Tibet.


Supporting quality translations of important Buddhist texts and commentaries. Particularly core curriculum texts from traditional Tibetan Buddhist colleges and contemplative texts intended for senior practitioners. Texts selected for translation represent a variety of traditions and views within Indian and Tibetan Buddhism. At present, we support translations into English and French.

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