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Types of Grants and Scholarships

Tsadra Foundation offers grants and fellowships to individuals. Grants are also available to non-profit organizations supporting individuals. In seeking out grant candidates to support, Tsadra Foundation relies on referrals that come through an advisory panel of esteemed contemplatives, scholars, and students. The foundation is unable to accept unsolicited grant proposals at this time. We do not give grants for building or infrastructure projects. To ensure consideration, all grantees and projects must meet the criteria that we have carefully developed.

We provide grants for single projects and a fixed length of time. Fellowships may be offered to highly qualified grantees and are typically renewed for an extended period of time.

Each year, Tsadra Foundation offers a certain number of Advanced Studies and Contemplative Scholarships to selected individuals. If you are interested, please visit the Scholarship section for more information on eligibility.

It should also be noted that due to budget restrictions, we are not able to fund all those applicants who would otherwise certainly merit our support.


Tsadra Foundation seeks to advance the consolidation of Buddhism in the West so as to both ensure its authenticity and its continuity. In keeping with this clear mission, we only sponsor individuals with many years of contemplative and scholarly experience in Tibetan Buddhism, and who have proven excellence in their chosen field.

Our grantees and fellows have generally dedicated many years to contemplative training, usually in long retreat. In the case of the translation program, grantees and fellows have previously published translations that have been well received.

Since Tsadra Foundation views lineage and transmission as important, we support individuals who maintain the integrity of their personal lineage connections and commitments.

The foundation is non-sectarian. With this in mind, we select grantees who share our openness toward and appreciation of all Buddhist traditions and in our programs, we seek representation of the rich variety of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions active in the west.


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In seeking out candidates to support, Tsadra Foundation relies on referrals that come to us through an advisory panel of esteemed contemplatives, scholars and students. Please keep in mind that at the present time we do not accept unsolicited grant proposals; we only accept requests for scholarships as defined in the corresponding sections.

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