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The life-force of any spiritual tradition is found in the deepest source of its contemplative experience and realization. Tibetan Buddhist traditions access this contemplative world through a rich array of meditative techniques. These techniques require sustained training, which are most effective in a retreat environment. Tsadra Foundation is committed to supporting such training for individuals in both solitary and group retreat.

From 2000 through to 2010 Tsadra Foundation offered both grants and fellowships to individuals, and grants to selected retreat centers, providing financial support for the living expenses in retreat. The foundation has not, and does not provide support for infrastructure development.

In 2010 the contemplative grants program was transformed into the new Tsadra Foundation Advanced Contemplative Scholarships. We continue to select individuals who have made outstanding contribution in the field of contemplative training for Contemplative Fellowships.

The foundation currently sponsors a number of meditators in long-term retreat in both North America and France. This includes participants in traditional three-year retreat centers, as well as practitioners in solitary retreats of one year or longer.

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Current Fellowships


   ●   Lama Tempa GyatsoBuddhist monk since childhood; completed two traditional three-year retreats under the direction of Khyab-jé Kalu Rinpoché in Sonada, India; appointed Retreat Master of the first three-year retreat for western students (founded by Kalu Rinpoché) at Kagyu Ling, France. After teaching three three-year retreats, 1976-1980, 1980-1983, 1984-1987, completed two personal five-year retreats in a private hermitage in Auvergne, and a seven-year retreat in Les Landes, France; currently in retreat in a personal hermitage in les Landes, France.Tsadra Foundation contemplative fellow, supported to continue retreats of long duration since 2001.   ●   Ingrid Mcleod (Tsering Lhamo)B.A. in Honors Psychology; completed two three-year retreats at Kagyu Ling, France 1976-1980, and 1980-1983; resident lama at Montreal Dharma Center 1985-1987, founding member and current assistant-director of Kalu Rinpoché's International Translation Group. Tsadra Foundation Translation Fellow from 2001 to 2008.Tsadra Foundation contemplative fellow, supported to continue retreats of long duration since 2009.   ●   Helena BlanklederDegree in Modern Languages; professional translator; completed two three-year retreats at Chanteloube, France, 1980–1985 and 1986–1989; member of the Padmakara Translation Group, Dordogne, France. Tsadra Foundation Fellow since 2001.Tsadra Foundation part-time contemplative fellow, supported to continue retreat of long duration since 2013 in conjunction with her ongoing translation activity.

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